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Project Management Effectiveness

At Lex Project Management Consulting Group, we understand that effective project management is crucial for the success of any legal organization, whether you're a law firm, a non-profit legal aid organization, or a government agency. Our self-assessment tool is designed to help you evaluate your current project management practices and identify areas where you may benefit from our expert consulting services.

This assessment tool allows you to understand your project management strengths and areas for improvement. You can make informed decisions about enhancing your efficiency, productivity, and overall project success by objectively evaluating your processes.

  • For each question, rate your level of agreement on a scale from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree).

  • Carefully consider each statement and provide your honest feedback. Your responses will give you a clear picture of your current project management capabilities.

  • After completing the assessment, you will receive a total score that reflects your project management effectiveness. Use this score to determine if your organization could benefit from professional project management consulting.


  1. Our projects have clearly defined goals and objectives. _____

  2. We develop detailed project plans before starting. _____

  3. We set realistic deadlines for project milestones. _____

  4. Resources are allocated effectively for each project. _____

  5. Stakeholders are involved in the planning process. _____

  6. Risk management plans are developed for each project. _____

  7. We have a formal process for managing project scope changes. _____

  8. Project budgets are set and adhered to. _____

  9. We conduct feasibility studies before starting projects. _____

  10. Project plans are regularly updated to reflect changes. _____

Project Planning Total: _____


  1. There is effective communication among project team members. _____

  2. Stakeholders are kept informed of project progress. _____

  3. Communication tools used in projects are efficient and user-friendly. _____

  4. We have regular project status meetings. _____

  5. Project updates are documented and easily accessible. _____

  6. Feedback from stakeholders is actively sought and incorporated. _____

  7. There is a clear communication plan for each project. _____

  8. Conflict resolution processes are effective. _____

  9. Project roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated. _____

  10. There is transparency in project decision-making. _____

Communication Total: _____


  1. Project tasks are completed on schedule. _____

  2. Team members have the necessary skills to complete their tasks. _____

  3. We effectively manage project dependencies. _____

  4. Quality standards are defined and met for all deliverables. _____

  5. Project teams work collaboratively. _____

  6. We use project management software/tools efficiently. _____

  7. We have contingency plans in place for project issues. _____

  8. Our projects stay within the allocated budget. _____

  9. We handle project changes and issues promptly. _____

  10. Team performance is regularly reviewed and improved. _____

Execution Total: _____



  1. We regularly monitor project progress against the plan. _____

  2. Project metrics and KPIs are tracked and analyzed. _____

  3. There is a formal process for project reviews and audits. _____

  4. Project risks are continuously assessed and mitigated. _____

  5. We have effective reporting mechanisms in place. _____

  6. Changes to the project plan are documented and approved. _____

  7. We use feedback from monitoring to improve project performance. _____

  8. Project data is accurately recorded and maintained. _____

  9. We have effective tools for tracking project expenses. _____

  10. Stakeholders are regularly updated on project status. _____

Monitoring and Control Total: _____



  1. We conduct formal project closure meetings. _____

  2. Lessons learned are documented and shared. _____

  3. Project success criteria are clearly defined and met. _____

  4. We get feedback from all stakeholders upon project completion. _____

  5. Project deliverables are formally handed over to the client. _____

  6. There is a formal sign-off process for completed projects. _____

  7. We review project performance to improve future projects. _____

  8. Final project reports are prepared and distributed. _____

  9. We ensure all project documentation is complete and archived. _____

  10. Teams are recognized and rewarded for successful project completion. _____

Closing Total: _____


Grand Total (all sections): _____

Interpreting the Total Score

To interpret the total score, sum the values for each response. Here are the ranges and their meanings:

  • 50-100: Significant Issues

    • Indicates major problems in project management practices. Immediate action is needed to address these issues to avoid project failures.

  • 101-150: Some Issues

    • Suggests several areas require improvement. Project management practices are not entirely ineffective but need significant enhancements.

  • 151-200: Moderate Performance

    • Shows an average level of project management effectiveness. There is room for improvement, but the foundation is solid.

  • 201-250: Good Performance

    Indicates generally effective project management practices. Minor refinements can further enhance efficiency and outcomes.

  • 251-300: Excellent Performance

    • Demonstrates highly effective project management practices that align well with best practices and organizational goals.


Your Next Steps:

Thank you for taking the time to complete our Project Management Self-Assessment. At Lex Project Management Consulting Group, we are dedicated to helping legal organizations like yours achieve excellence in project management.

  1. Review Your Results: Carefully consider your total score and the interpretation provided. Identify areas where your project management practices excel and areas that may require improvement.

  2. Contact Us: If your assessment indicates areas needing enhancement, reach out to our expert consultants. We offer tailored solutions to improve your project management processes, ensuring your projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

  3. Access Resources: Explore additional resources and tools available on our website to support your ongoing project management efforts.

  4. Schedule a Consultation: Book a free consultation with our team to discuss your results in detail and learn how we can assist you in achieving your project management goals.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Contact Information:

Together, we can enhance your project management practices and drive your organization's success. Thank you for choosing Lex Project Management Consulting Group.

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