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Project Management
Quick Assessment

Many professionals are confident they can tackle their organizational challenges independently.


Disorganization, redundancies, nearly missed deadlines, and long hours spent putting out fires may be a mild frustration that nags at you a little every day, or you may have reached a personal tipping point. Office morale and productivity are down — and your legal team is not meeting organizational goals. That's where we come in.​ Make work life easier with the help of one of our professional consultants. Take this quick assessment, and contact us if any of these productivity issues sound familiar.

  • Clients refuse to pay all or part of their invoices after work has been performed.

  • Clients are unhappy due to unexpected (to them) developments or fees.

  • Clients complain they are not kept in the loop or are uninformed/misinformed.

  • Deadlines are a huge stressor, and deadlines are generally met at the last moment.

  • The legal team takes too long to complete tasks due to inefficiencies.

  • To ensure accuracy, the fee estimates quoted to clients are guesstimates rather than calculated at the phase and task level.

  • The firm lacks the tools and knowledge to inform the client regarding where the estimated budget stands against the budget variance.

  • Clients impose seemingly impossible budgets or constraints on their legal matters.

  • There is never enough time in the day to get everything done, and you are falling behind.

  • Clients frequently try to add additional work to the scope of representation but don't want to pay for it and act shocked when you say it's not covered under the agreed-upon fee.

  • The firm is losing money on alternative fee arrangements (i.e., flat fees, capped fees, fixed fees) because the legal matter was not accurately scoped, and costs were not accurately estimated.

  • The legal team is reactive, and the entire office constantly puts out "fires" rather than proactively managing the case.

  • There are too many redundancies, bottlenecks, and miscommunications within the legal team.

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