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Discover innovative ways to manage legal projects with reduced stress and increased productivity.
Lex takes your vision and relentlessly drives it to completion.

Consulting Services

Lex provides on-site and remote project management and technology services to law firms, in-house legal departments, government agencies, nonprofits, and legal vendors across the United States. Our experts help legal organizations deliver more value, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.

We work with litigation firms and corporations involved in litigation to provide project management support, saving on legal spending and facilitating project completion. We also assist public sector organizations and non-profits in establishing process improvement services and best practices in project management.

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Our Methodologies

Traditional - Predictive/Waterfall


Take the "complex" out of complex legal matters. Traditional project management guides you through scoping and planning upfront. Formal processes steer the team through the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing phases of your legal cases and matters with less stress and greater productivity. Best practices in documentation guide your team through next steps, reducing unexpected events and risks. Traditional project management methodology is best suited for medium to large-scale legal projects and any size legal team, large or small.

Agile - Scrum


In a fast-paced office where circumstances change from one moment to the next, you need a methodology that accommodates rapid adaptation to change. The Agile: Scrum method uses a continuous cycle of planning and execution in 1-week to 1-month periods. The focus is more on controlling work in progress, improved collaboration, and rapid feedback (status updates) rather than prescriptive processes. This lightweight framework uses cutting-edge processes to plan work before each iterative cycle. Its incremental approach allows the legal team to flex as needed and is suitable for small to medium-scale projects and teams of 3-9 people.

Hybrid - The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid project management (combining two or different project frameworks), helps you create a customized method to support your legal project needs. You might take advantage of traditional project management's initiating and planning phase if a complex legal matter would benefit from a comprehensive project plan but choose to execute and close the project using Scrum's more flexible (Agile) framework. With Hybrid project management, you benefit from maximum adaptation in project planning and execution. 



  • Manage matters with increased effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Reduce waste and streamline workflows for cases.

  • Enhance the quality of legal service delivery.

  • Increase client-staff or stakeholder engagement.

  • Align expectations of stakeholders with legal team actions.

  • Gain insight into workload management.

  • Provide accurate, timely, and complete communications.

  • Accurately assess costs associated with casework.

  • Improve company-wide collaboration and teamwork.

  • Reduce write-offs caused by fee disputes.

  • Reduce the likelihood of bar complaints due to delays or poor communication.

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

  • Identify and reduce project risks.

  • Naturally align business practices with rules of professional conduct.


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On Demand

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“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.”
~ Joy Gumz

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