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Search Tips

Searching for Virtual/Remote Paralegals


If you are interested in working with a paralegal virtually/remotely, search for the practice area experience you would like the freelancer to have and then search by ALL states. This will return the most results. To do this, you can highlight all states or click on Ctrl + A in the state selection box.


Searching by Specific State, Federal, or International Experience

You can now search by state, federal, or international experience. If you'd like to see a list of state, federal, or international jurisdictions in our database, click here.

Searching by Location

If you are searching for a paralegal who is located in a specific state to work on-site, search by state of residence or search by their state of residence plus the additional states in which they have practice area experience.

Searching by Practice Area


Practice Area also includes some specialty fields such as E-Discovery. Since the form is intuitive, if you type a keyword into the practice area search box, your search term should show up automatically. If you'd like to see a list of practice and specialty areas included in our database, click here.

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