What information is listed in the Freelance Paralegal Directory?

We surveyed more than 1000 attorneys to find out what they need to know to identify a viable candidate. As a result, our Directory can be searched by the freelance paralegal's name, city, state, and/or by practice area experience. In addition to the above, each listing for a member provides their availability (remote, on-site, or contract-to-permanent), fluent languages, phone number, consent to texting, email address, resume URL, website URL, education, paralegal certifications, years of experience, and practice area experience.


Who can access the Freelance Paralegal Directory?


We do our best to protect your information. Only registered members (attorneys and paralegals) have access to the password-protected Directory. The Directory is not available to the general public.


How do potential clients (attorneys) contact me?


After finding a potential freelancer, attorneys email or call you directly. There's no middle man. When an attorney contacts you, they already have some information about your background and are genuinely interested in working with you.

How much does it cost?

Registration is free during our Beta phase. There's no commitment to purchase anything today. After our Beta phase, you can choose from a low monthly fee or a discounted annual fee. Paralegals who register during our Beta phase will receive an additional discount. We cannot say exactly how long the Beta phase will last, so please register to lock in your discount today.

Why shouldn't I just work with a placement agency?


Temporary placement agencies charge attorneys a markup of up to 50% on top of your hourly pay rate. That means, for example, if the temp agency negotiates $20 per hour for you to work on a project, they're potentially adding an additional $10.00 per hour to the attorney’s bill for a total of $30.00 per hour. For a contract project that lasts one week (or 40 hours), that's an additional $400 a week that you could have earned. Instead, however, that "lost income" is collected by the temporary placement agency. By charging paralegals a low annual fee and allowing attorneys to access our Directory for free, we draw more attorneys to our website while giving you an opportunity to negotiate a higher rate.You don't have to split your fee with a temporary placement agency. Everyone wins!

Why is this better than LinkedIn, Indeed, or any of the other job search engines?

Our Directory is geared specifically towards helping attorneys find freelance or contract paralegals. On Indeed or LinkedIn, finding a contract job that suits you can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most job sites are offering part- or full-time positions rather than contract work, which can make it all the more difficult.  Our Directory supports you in running your own business full time, making additional income on the side, or finding a permanent position (contract-to-perm) if an offer comes along too great to miss.


Additionally, from the attorney's perspective, they save a lot of money and time from using our Directory, which is available at no charge to them for your benefit. They would not need to place expensive classified ads to fill short-term positions or pay additional fees to a headhunter. Simply put, we remove the middleman altogether and make it super easy for attorneys to find experienced freelancers.


Finally, because our directory is narrowly tailored to only legal professionals, we can more easily implement suggestions from attorneys and paralegals to provide a better experience on our website.

How do I sign up?

Use the "Register" button at the top of this page or click here. You will see the registration link for the Freelance Paralegal Directory. Fill out the registration form, submit your payment, and we will review your information to make sure that you meet the registration requirements. After your registration is approved, your payment received, and your listing added, you will receive automated login instructions from "Lex's Freelance Paralegal Directory <hello@lexpmc.com>" on how to access the Freelance Paralegal Directory and the Job Board.

Section III of the registration forms asks for a direct link to your cloud-stored resume (in PDF) or the URL to your updated and public LinkedIn profile. You can upload your resume and link from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Please have your resume link ready before completing this form to save time. We do not store resumes on our servers. Although we do our best to protect your privacy, please do not include your street number or street name on your resume. We suggest providing only your city, state, and zip code.

What if I have changes after I sign up?


If you have changes to your listing in the Freelance Paralegal Directory, you may email us with the information you wish to change and we will make the change for you. This might include changing contact information, linking a new resume, adding a new credential, etc. There's no need to complete the registration form again. Please email from the email address you registered with for security purposes. If you don't, we may ask for additional information to verify your identity.

What are the requirements to sign up?


Our requirements are as follows:

  1. At least 5 years of experience working in a law office, legal department, or other legal organization, under the supervision of an attorney, as a paralegal or legal assistant.  We know that some organizations use "paralegal" and "legal assistant" interchangeably and in other organizations these terms denote completely different positions. We also know that some members will have entirely different job titles and still be substantially engaged in paralegal work. As long as your experience encompasses primarily paralegal work and you meet the additional requirements, there shouldn't be an issue with approving your registration.

     AND one of the following:

  2. An Associate or Bachelor's degree in paralegal studies or legal studies (or other law-related degree) from an institution accredited by the U.S. Dept. of Education. To see if your school is accredited by the U.S. Dept. of Education, visit here. As part of our internal auditing policies, you may be asked to provide an emailed copy of your degree and/or transcript.


   3. *Paralegal certification from one of the following national associations including:



   4. *Paralegal certification from any state bar, if available in your state including:



   5. *Paralegal certification from a reputable local paralegal association, including:


    6. You are an active, reserve, or veteran member of the U.S. Military and you have completed training in            your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) as a paralegal. As part of our internal auditing policies, you          may be asked to provide an emailed copy of your Joint Services Transcript

Other Paralegal Association Credentials.


We will consider additional certifications as state bars and paralegal associations implement new programs. A paralegal association must administer a substantive written exam and have the exam proctored in order for us to consider the certification to be reputable.


Limited (Legal) License Credentials.


Some states have enacted limited licensing programs for preparing legal documents and, in some cases, limited representation of clients. Most of these document preparers would be working directly with the public rather than under the supervision of an attorney, as is contemplated by the Directory. However, if a limited license practitioner wants to be listed in the Directory, please contact us and we will consider those credentials on a case-by-case basis.

Denial of Registration.

We have carefully considered the requirements for registration by trying to balance the need for attorneys to be assured of the quality of professionals listed in our Directory while making sure we do not unnecessarily exclude paralegals, who are capable of providing excellent freelance services. To that end, we reserve the right to deny registration if we are unable to verify the information you provide, we deem that your credential-granting entity does not meet our requirements, or there are other concerns regarding your ability to provide freelance services.

*[Note: A paralegal certificate from an educational institution is not paralegal certification and does not make you a certified paralegal according to the American Bar Association. If you have questions about paralegal credentials, please review this article Demystifying Paralegal Credentials.]

What if I need to cancel?

During our Beta phase, there's no charge to join. However, if you decide you'd like to have your information removed from the Directory, contact us and we'll have your information removed within 7 business days.


What if I have a complaint about a Freelancer?

Lex's expectations of conduct are covered in our terms of use. Registration may be suspended or revoked if it is found the freelancer has:

  • falsified information on the registration form,

  • been convicted of the unauthorized practice of law since registration,

  • been convicted of a felony since registration, or

  • engaged in any other conduct determined by Lex to be unethical, unprofessional, or that puts an attorney in the unfortunate position of violating their state's code of professional responsibility.


If any person believes that a Freelance Paralegal in our Directory has violated any of these standards, the individual should contact Lex in writing.  The communication should be marked “Confidential.” The information provided should include documents, which substantiate any claim of improper behavior where applicable.