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Lex's Paralegal Directory

We've made accessing our paralegal directory easier than ever. Simply email from your work email including your name and state and we'll send you the password to access the directory for free!

If you already have a password:




Relax. Let a Paralegal handle it.

We are thrilled to announce the Beta version of Lex's Freelance Paralegal Directory, which launched on Aug. 30, 2019. Attorneys can begin searching the Directory for qualified paralegal professionals for free!


To provide background, while investigating job advertising options for attorneys, we learned that attorneys spend thousands of dollars posting job listings on sites like Indeed or Linkedin. Or, they pay temp agency mark-ups, which are usually 50% or greater.


Considering these two expensive options, we saw a need for a better way to connect attorneys with paralegals. As a result, we began working with a web development team to find a solution. We came up with Lex's Freelance Paralegal Directory - where attorneys can connect with paralegals without an expensive middleman.

There's no catch. We promise. It's completely free for attorneys to use. If you do not handle job advertising in your organization, please pass this information along to your human resources office.

Features & Benefits

Credentialed & Experienced


All paralegals have met our requirements and have a minimum five years of law office experience. Our paralegals are certified by their state bar or a reputable paralegal association, have an undergraduate degree, or have extensive (more than 15 years) of legal experience.

Flexible Collaboration


Freelancers are able to work remotely, on-site (if local), or may be open to contract-to-permanent positions. More attorneys are collaborating with remote paralegals by using secure cloud-based web applications to facilitate communication and the exchange of work-product.

Advanced Search


Search by name, location, languages, practice area, and state/federal court experience. In addition, each listing provides their availability (remote, on-site, contract-to-contract, contract-to-perm), phone, email, resume, website, education, certifications, years of experience, and notary commissions.

No Temp Agency Fees



Temp Agency mark-ups vary substantially between agencies and when normalized can have significant impact on the cost to law firms. For example, if a law firm specifies a $20/hr. pay rate and Agency A has a mark-up of 50%, the bill rate is $30/hr. If Agency B has a 60% mark-up, the bill rate is $32/hr.

No Costly



Classified ads are expensive and not a viable way to fill staffing needs. A typical job ad on sites like Indeed and Linkedin cost hundreds of dollars. We connect you to talent without expensive flat fees or pay-per-click pricing. Lex helps you find top talent for free.

Save Time & Sanity



A classified ad is likely to result in dozens of responses from candidates who are unqualified. With our Directory, you can find a paralegal quickly anywhere in the nation and know that they have the minimum qualifications necessary to complete your assignments well.

Features & Benefits

Confused about paralegal credentials? Read the North Carolina Bar Association's Blog: Demystifying Paralegal Credentials.

Understanding Paralegal Credentials
Freelance v. Virtual v. Remote
What's the Difference?

The definition of a virtual paralegal varies depending on who you ask.  The International Virtual Assistants Association defines virtual assistants as “independent contractors who, from a remote location, usually their home or office, support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.”  Therefore, “virtual” would require that the person work from a remote location, such as their home, rather than working in the office. We use the term "virtual" and "remote" interchangeably throughout our website. A freelancer, who works for themselves, may work virtually/remotely or on-site (at the supervising attorney's office).

What's the difference?

More Benefits


There's no middle man, no classified ad fees, and no placement agency mark-ups. With our talent-pairing platform, even the most unique areas of law are covered. Once you find the talent you need and you agree to the terms, they start working ASAP.


Our freelancers thrive on repeat work. They want to turn in their best work, every time, to maintain the relationship. While staff members’ performance may have peaks and valleys, our freelancers know the contract is always subject to renewal.


By bringing in a paralegal who already has the training and skills to jump right into the job, you cut down significantly on the time needed to train a new person. Our freelancers are more efficient because they bring with them the specialized skills needed to complete the job well.

More Benefits

Lex's Forum & Job Board

In addition to our Directory, attorneys can also post freelance jobs on Lex's Forum & Job BoardOnly attorneys, and freelancers who are listed in our Directory, are able to see job posts.


Join our website for free to access Lex's Forum & Job Board

Lex's Job Board


Freelancer Prereqs
Our Directory is in the Beta phase and our website will continue to see improvements as we identify the needs of the paralegals and attorneys we serve. If you experience any issues or have ideas for improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are presently a registered member, please add your site suggestions to "Site Improvement Feedback" on Lex's Forum.
How Can We Improve?
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